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Medico-Legal Assessments and Reports
In order to strengthen the case they are making for their clients, lawyers will often instruct us to prepare a report. Generally this involves our mental health expert seeing the client for a clinical assessment and then writing an impartial report.  On some occasions reports have been prepared to give a professional opinion based on documents available to the Court.

As a guide, here are some areas where our reports could prove helpful to your case. The list is not exhaustive so please contact us to discuss your needs.

Insurance compensation - e.g. nightmares, panic, anxiety, depression, or head injury following a road traffic collision or accident at work


Fitness to plead
* Diminished responsibility due to head injury, learning disability
* Actions influenced by alcohol or other drugs
* Recovered memories
Criminal injury
* Compensation
* Victim impact - aid to Judiciary for sentencing
  Under First Principles the party responsible for causing a loss (e.g. earnings, relationship) is responsible for putting this right.  This can lead on to paying for timely psychiatric treatment and/or psychological therapy outside the NHS.